Hanged QMobile Noir A950 Recovery

Hanged QMobile Noir A950 Recovery

When your phone got stuck during on-going call or during sleep mode. After several hits the screen got hanged due to any app or process running in the background as a service in the mobile memory. You can use the following Hanged QMobile Noir A950 Recovery Tips to restore your mobile from hanging:


  • Press and hold Turn Off (Switch Off) of your QMobile Noir A950 Mobile device.
  • Also Press Volume - or down key with the Power Key
  • After that all of the processes and apps will be closed in your QMobile Noir A950 .
  • After a pause of 10 Seconds again press the Power key with the volume down key (-) and your phone will restart with different options in the list.
  • Press back key at the bottom to scroll in the menu options list.
  • Highlight the "Reboot" option from the list
  • Press power key again to execute.
  • Now your QMobile Noir A950 is rebooted with hard reset.


All described operations at your own risk.
Beamash will not be responsible for any kind of Loss or Damage.