Gesture intelligent Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III an innovative smart phone which has some exciting features. Now the gesture base running smart phone has been introduced in the market.

Some of the gestures used in the mobile are shown in the video below like if you put your hand on any video while it is running you can stop it. Also this gesture can stop video in the popup. When you click on the video with your thumb the video will start rolling over and the video is controlled with touch and gesture.

Another gesture which is shown is that when the hand is moved over the smart phone the screens start shuffling according to the gesture direction. Currently it is not so much good at work for the first few screen. But after some effort screens start rotating.

When the menu is opened and a long list of items are scrolled down. The browse used for it is XDA developer which has a quite nice scroll down feature.   So after some time it is noticed that the wrong page has been opened. So by double tapping on the top of the screen the long list is scrolled up and again it is on the top of the page. This is quite amazing feature in it.

Zooming and panning is also a good feature in the mobile. Voice recoginition is also a good part of the mobile. The mobile recognized the voice and respond accordingly like if we say what the weather in london. It will recogize it and give the output in the form of data. If I say "I want to take photo" if the camera is open it will take my photo.

While working on the android mobile it is noticed that it is pretty much fast to work on that mobile type but after seeing this tapping to the top corner edge of the mobile and scrolling of all the list to the top seems to be a good solution than Android mobile which is still pretty much fast in operations. It is quite awesome that Samsung is still inventing the new ideas.



News Source: Phonearena, XDA Developer, PocketNow