Donot text while walking in New Jersey

Pedestrians hitting by a cars are a common incidents going on in New Jersey now a days. This is caused due to mobile texting service. This service actually attracts the person attention while walking on the road. So he has a small view of almost less than 5 feet. A person cannot see the moving obsticals towards him. This is known a jaywalking incident.

Due to these incidents the police decided to give tickets to those whose text while walking or driving. They are in a search for those people who are moving their fingers and feet at the same time. Now they are giving tickets and untill now they have issued 117 tickets to the pedestrians.

Choe is a police officer and he is placed on the top of their Most Needed list. Ft. Lee Police Chief Thomas Ripoli said about these jaywalking texters, "It's a big interruption. People on the streets aren't watching where they're going. They're not aware."

Cops are cracking all the way down and are hunting out for those hikers who are diverted and not pursuing the road guidelines. Those identified in infringement of the law can be penalized as much as $85.

News Source: Phonearena, New York Post