IPhone can be charged 14 times more with a fuel cell USB charger, runs on butane

IPhone can be charged 14 times more with a fuel cell USB charger, runs on butane

Product that is displayed as underneath. People, this is a jean pocket scaled fuel cell which is meant to charge mobile phone equipment through Universal series bus. It is produced by Lilliputian Systems which is a U.S. based company experts in the transportable power products and solutions for consumer electronic devices. The device can carry adequate liquid to totally charge an iPhone amongst 10 and 14 periods.

Butane is knows as the juice which is a fuel that is engineered to carry electrical energy for a long time and then this energy can be applied in the mobile devices. The fuel which is known as butane itself work as a cartridges. As we know that the cartridges replaceable, recyclable by any user and this will cost no more.

Lilliputian Systems so far are able to obtain much improved outcomes. This is what past fuel cell items could not provided. In the old devices methanol or sodium borohydride were used. So this leaded to have low cost energy charging in the battery. Mouli Ramani the Vice president of the business development in the the company told that when we were developing the product it was not a good idea of talking lithium ion batter around.

It is not known yet that how much the fuel cell will cost exactly when it will come to the market. But it is a assured that when it is launched then it will available to the general public and through online sales and Brookstone outlets.

News Source: Phonearena, C-Net