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Donot text while walking in New Jersey

Pedestrians hitting by a cars are a common incidents going on in New Jersey now a days. This is caused due to mobile texting service. This service actually attracts the person attention while walking on the road. So he has a small view of almost less than 5 feet. A...

Gesture intelligent Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III an innovative smart phone which has some exciting features. Now the gesture base running smart phone has been introduced in the market. Some of the gestures used in the mobile are shown in the video below like if you put your hand on any video while it...

Microsoft desires "Powered by Facebook" to assist in phone

Facebook has been cautioned by Microsoft in the initiatives of developing the legendary Facebook mobile phone. They have a view that its not a good approach to follow the path of the Android mobile using people. Like wise it is already implemented by Amazon and Barnes and Noble. They also...

Mspot a new cloud streaming need of today, Samsung is in process of new technology

This service have got a bunch of award in the cloud streaming technology. This actually beats Amazon Cloud Player and the Google music on the basis of quality of streams over 3G, which beats amazon Cloud player and Google Music in the streaming devices. It has movie, streams over 5G...

Apple iPad is used for Apes in Miami Zoo

These creatures are always hitting the incorrect symbols on the ipad due to their lack of knowledge. Before using the ipad the instructor has to give pills to the apes because if they do not do like that then the ipads will be demolished because of the sharp nails of...

Can you imagine the most costly component in the smart phone

When you buy a mobile you just take case and a display screen with you. But in actual and amazingly. This device consists of a large number of different electronic components. These electronic components are developed in different companies and it also different grades and it cost different as well...

IPhone can be charged 14 times more with a fuel cell USB charger, runs on butane

Product that is displayed as underneath. People, this is a jean pocket scaled fuel cell which is meant to charge mobile phone equipment through Universal series bus. It is produced by Lilliputian Systems which is a U.S. based company experts in the transportable power products and solutions for consumer electronic...

Angry Birds Space will be on Windows Mobile phone, Nokia is getting ready for some unique applications for Lumias

In June, Nokia Lumias are obtaining PGA Tour solely, GroupOn (special for 6 months) and some Angry Birds themed articles, but It is not known about what is exactly will happen. On the other side, Nokia is really working hard to distinguish on its own in the Windows Cellphone globe with...

Mobile cell phone price features specification reviews news at Beamash

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